The Little Things

My heels are a daily reminder of the value of consistency and faithfulness.  Of how even the little things can make a big difference.  Let me explain…

In recent years, my heels have become cracked.  Very cracked.  Dead skin.  Deep grooves.  Scratchy and dry.  For a while, I lived with their condition and was quite distraught.  They were ugly.  I assumed that it would take something drastic to heal and restore my callused heels.

Unwilling to live the rest of my days with heels I wanted to hide, I decided to try something little.  I’d seen advertisements for various pumice stones and heel files, so I thought I’d start there.  I purchased an inexpensive heel file at Wal-Mart, and began to daily file my heels in the shower.

I was amazed!  After just one day, I could already tell a difference.  Literally, I filed each heel for less than one minute.  The amount of dead skin that came off was amazing.  Within a week, my heels were almost back to normal!

I continue this practice on a regular basis (and when I don’t, I can tell!).  I typically file them three or four times a week.  I also picked up the helpful tip to keep them moisturized.  It’s best to put lotion (or even better yet, petroleum jelly) on them and them wear a pair of socks for several hours (or overnight).  This practice takes my heels to the next level of smoothness as it goes deep into the skin and restores my heels.  I don’t do this as often, but I do it when I can.

This experience has been so helpful to me in understanding how even small things can make a big difference.  And this insight applies to so many areas of my life…from cleaning the house (wiping things down with a Clorox wipe or throwing away junk mail immediately, before it piles up) to parenting (hugging and kissing regularly or dealing with small discipline issues before they become big) to random things like taking care of plants (it’s amazing how watering regularly ~ something so seemingly easy and little ~ really does make a difference!).

But where I’m encouraged the most is how it applies to my relationship with Christ.  Simply reading a bible passage each day or meditating on just one verse a day or reading a short daily devotional can make a huge difference.  These seemingly little practices help file away at the spiritual deadness, cracks, and callousness that can so easily form over time.  And as I daily spend time with Him in small ways,  I still look for opportunities to delve deeper by spending extra time with Him…whether it be a Bible Study with friends or just extra time in His word (like occasionally rubbing lotion or petroleum jelly on my feet).

If just a little bit of time and effort can make such a lasting impact on the condition of my feet, I’m certain that just a little bit of time and effort can also make a lasting impact on the condition of my heart and soul before God.

Day by day

Day by day

Oh Dear Lord

Three things I pray

To see Thee more clearly

Love Thee more dearly

Follow Thee more nearly

Day by day

(from the Godspell song, “Day by Day”)

As I file my callused feet, I pray, my Lord, remind me of the difference You can make in my own heart and soul, simply by spending daily time with You.

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3 Responses to The Little Things

  1. mhrockness says:

    I wrote a comment – don’t know why it doesn’t take me.  Excellent point – well developed; well taken.  I’m planning my next blog to be about faithful scripture reading – so this was affirming and inspiring.  Eager to hear about your family time in Ohio.  Love, Mommy

  2. Lynne Hulen says:

    Inspiring and so true, Kimberly. Looks like you have inherited the gift of writing! I will look forward to future blogs! God bless your family, and hi to Randy!

  3. LLM says:

    I recently discovered a pumice stone too! And a cheap one from Big-Lots has worked wonders on my feet too. : ) Good thoughts here on how little things can make a difference…in our daily practical life of chores and in our spiritual lives.

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