On Being Pulled ~ Part 2

I’m relieved to see seven-year-old Micah walking down the sidewalk outside Cumberland Elementary School.  He usually rides the bus, so I was concerned he might forget I was picking him up today.  I’m hidden a bit from his sight, and wonder when he’ll spot me.  I wonder if he’s worried I forgot.

And then he sees me.  And I know he sees me because he breaks into a sprint as his eyes pick out our familiar gray van.  He breaks into that sprint that I wanted to break into as I drew closer and closer to home in Florida.  The sprint I wanted to run as I spotted more and more of the familiar, and knew I was almost home.  And I wonder if it’s that same magnetic pull.  That pull towards home, toward the familiar.  An innate desire towards those who love us.  Towards safety and security and something good.

I wonder if it’s that same magnetic force that causes Brennan’s eyes to light up when I come to pick him up from Sunday School, or someone else’s house.  As he drops what he’s doing and runs into my arms.

I wonder if God gives us these places and people we call home as a taste of heaven here on earth.  Magnets we call Mom and Dad and home and family.  Are they extensions of the bigger magnet called God and heaven?  Maybe earthly representations.

As we live this life here on earth, is there an invisible rope attaching me to God, where He’s pulling me, hand over hand over hand toward Him?  And as I’m being pulled along, am I seeing sights and signs along the way to remind me of Him?  Things that represent his love and experiences that remind me of his goodness and faithfulness? Things that remind me of whose I am, and where I am going?  I think that when I’m looking, when I’m tuned into God and my journey towards him, I find them.  And I think that sometimes, when I experience or see something so clearly of God, I want to sprint towards Him, towards it…that person, that experience, that thing that reminds me of God and that points towards heaven.

Experiences, places, people.   These are the earthly magnets He gives us. The tangibles of his love and goodness.  And He gives us the incredible privilege of being that to our children, and to others.  We are signs and people along their roads.  Or even better yet, we are sometimes the magnets. And as my children are being pulled towards us, and I am being pulled towards my home and my family…we are all being pulled towards Him.

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2 Responses to On Being Pulled ~ Part 2

  1. mkultra76 says:

    Enjoy the eyes lighting up and your children being drawn to you–unfortunately, they grow up, enter that oh-so-lovely stage of life called “teenage hood” and pretend you don’t exist. But, I suppose, at times, that’s just another metaphor for our relationship with the Lord, too. I really liked this! 🙂

    • Thanks! I think you’re right about the teenage years being “another metaphor for our relationship with the Lord.” Probably one that’s at times much more accurate! I certainly treasure the moments, for now, when their eyes light up and they’re drawn to me…even now it doesn’t happen every day! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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