Bloggy Blingy

I’ve just been reading some other blogs.  Trying to immerse myself in this “bloggy world.”  This is a new world for me.  One that I really didn’t know existed until just a few months ago.  I mean, I knew people blogged, but I thought that just meant they had this “online diary” type thing that a few of their family and friends read to keep up with their lives. 

I had no idea that there were “professional bloggers” (so to speak), and different types of bloggers (recipe bloggers, money-saving bloggers, home-decorating bloggers, picture-taking bloggers, jogger bloggers, etc.).  I had no idea that bloggers build up a readership and there is networking amongst bloggers.  This is all new and fascinating and…a bit overwhelming. 

I was encouraged to blog by a dear friend who began “seriously” blogging this year.  She loves to write (and is quite good at it), as do I.  She had read a few of my little “thingys” (for lack of a better word) and began [graciously] encouraging me to blog.  I [politely] blew her off.  Blogging wasn’t for me.  Blogging was for those people who, for some reason, preferred to keep a journal online, as opposed to privately keeping it in a nice little “real” journal.  That approach to journaling wasn’t for me.  It seemed a little too…surfacey.

Before I offend anyone, let me explain that I really had no idea what I was talking about!  Like I said, I was really very unfamiliar with the blogging world.  I had formed some misconceptions about blogging. 

Back to my blogging friend.  She continued to drop little hints that I should be blogging my writing.  I kept smiling and skirting the issue.  Finally, I admitted to her that I really didn’t like blogs. 

“I like yours,” I truthfully told her (and I do…go check hers out at  I proceeded to tell her about my [mis]understanding of blogs and why I didn’t think I liked them.

“Oh,” she replied, “go read these blogs.”  She gave me a list of several blogs that she follows and enjoys.

So, I went and read them, and discovered there is a whole world of “writer-bloggers.”  Not only that, there is a Christian-networking of them.  Ladies who blog, and write, and think much like me.

I decided to “give in.”  I’ve been wanting and needing an outlet for my writing (see my first blog).  This was actually starting to seem like a great avenue.  Especially as I’ve watched my friend Natalie grow and blossom, not only as a writer, but in this world of blogging!  She’s even published some of her writing now (in magazines).  She is truly my “blogging writer inspiration!”

I’m starting slow.  Just writing.  Just writing when I have time; not pressuring myself to keep any sort of schedule or deadlines.  Trying to read others blogs, here and there.  Enjoying (okay…LOVING) the feedback I get from others!  What a thrill it is to write something, and have someone comment on it.  Whether it’s on my blog, on Facebook, in person, or through others.  I can see that people are reading it (don’t worry, I can’t see who is reading it ~ so if you’re secretly reading my blog, it’s still a secret!).  That motivates me to write more.

So…even though I’ve started this blogging venture hesitantly, and even though I proclaimed in my first blog that it didn’t matter if many people stopped by my “lemonade stand,” I have to admit, that I’m kind of getting in to this blog thing.  I’m ready to explore and learn more about “lemonade stands” (i.e. writing blogs) and try some networking myself.  Join some blogging communities.  Write a bit more regularly.

Speaking of writing regularly.  I realize I need (and want) to push myself.  I have a comfortable voice in which I write.  I have a certain style.  I might try to explore new voices and new styles.  I tend to be a perfectionist.  I don’t like to post unless I think it’s “just right.”  I might try to push myself and post things that seem less perfect, or shorter…little vignettes of things (ideas, thoughts, stories, random things).  I’m going to use this blog as a creative outlet to explore my writing voice.  Use it for more brainstorming.  Write in response to themed idea-starters from other blogs.  Have a little fun. 

It’s a bit scary and exciting.  I feel better “warning” you, my current readers.  Letting you in on my new game plan.   It’s scary because there are some good writers out there and some ladies with some great blogs.  I’m a little intimidated, I must admit.  It’s also a little scary, because I’m kind of committing myself to a little more.  I’m somewhat promising that I’m going to write more regularly (notice my lack of commitment…kind of, somewhat…clearly I’m scared of failure!).   It’s exciting, though, because I’m pursuing something I love.

I have a little nickname from years ago.  A little girl who was a family friend couldn’t pronounce my name.  Somehow, she turned “Kimberly” into “Blingy.”  That name has stuck within my family ever since.  My brothers, quite lovingly (of course), still often call me Blingy.  My mother, who has quite the sense of humor (for those of you who don’t know her), has recently (since the birth of this blog) dubbed me “Bloggy Blingy.” 

So…Bloggy Blingy is venturing out.  Don’t worry (not that you are), I’ll still be writing quite a bit in the same style I always have (in case you really like what I’ve been writing and were afraid I was going to abandon it).  I’m just preparing you myself that I might be experimenting a bit.  Doing some “less formal” writing at times. 

Thanks for reading my blogs!  And, thanks for letting “Bloggy Blingy” ramble a bit about her future plans for blogging.  And, if you are a blogger yourself, and have any guidance, tips, and/or encouragements for me, please share!  For instance, I just somehow joined some community (Frogblog, I think) where I keep getting new BFF’s (Frogblog Friends).  I’m not quite sure exactly what this means!  Sounds fun, though. 

I guess I better get back to reading some more blogs ~ I’ve got a lot to learn!

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3 Responses to Bloggy Blingy

  1. Abby says:

    I’m glad you like blogging! I, too, had no idea there was a whole new world out there in the blogosphere! I was delighted when I discovered it = ] Write away!

  2. Wow, girl. Thank you for your kind words but it wasn’t me who nudged you – you know He works through others. The glory goes to him. 🙂 He has entrusted you with this talent and we all know what happens when we don’t use our talent, don’t we? 🙂

    You are a gifted writer, Kim. The best thing about blogging is that it is YOURS. There are no rules – you get to make them up. Isn’t that wonderful?

    I’m excited to be on this journey with you – there truly is no such thing as failing with a blog so cross that fear off your list. Your blog is what you make of it and again, it’s YOURS.

    Good luck, my dear friend! Can’t wait to read more!

    • Yes, God nudged me…but I’m pretty sure He used YOU, too! 🙂 And, I do love the “no rules” about blogging. It is and will be fun to explore how blogging will fit into the overall picture of my love of writing. I’m so thankful for this venue!

      We may need to set up another “blog date” soon…now that I’ve got my own blog, I have some new questions for you.

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