My Lemonade Stand

“Can I have a lemonade stand?” eight-year-old Kiersten asked me the other day. 

My gut-response was to say no.  From my adult perspective, there was very little in her favor for a successful lemonade stand:  it was a Monday morning (most people are at work), college was out for the summer (we live in a college town with mainly college students as our neighbors), and it was a bit overcast (not ideal lemonade-stand weather).  I didn’t want her to be disappointed.

Looking at her eager face, I decided to shoot straight with her.  I explained all the reasons her lemonade stand might not be successful. 

“That’s okay,” she replied, undeterred by my list of discouragements.

“You would have to do this completely on your own,” I added.  Truth be known, I was not up for the work of a lemonade stand.

“Okay,” she replied.  Again, undeterred. 

Kiersten spent the next hour and a half busily making posters and signs, gathering materials, setting up her stand, making the lemonade, and “selling.”  In the end, she had a grand total of one “real” customer (the “unreal” customers were yours truly and her two little brothers).  Yet she was happy. 

What I realized as I observed these events is that the goal for Kiersten wasn’t really about making money or having tons of customers.  Of course, either of those would have been thrilling.  But it was the activity itself that brought her joy.  The lemonade stand was an outlet for her creative little self. 

This blog is my lemonade stand.  I don’t know who might stop by.  I may not have many customers.  But right now that doesn’t matter.  It’s my outlet for something I love to do.  Just writing and capturing and shaping my thoughts on “paper” brings me joy.

Of course, I’ll be thrilled to have some customers.  In fact, the lemonade is free if you choose to stop by.  And if you like it and decide to come back, well, that’s even sweeter!  For now, though, I’m just happy to be here ~ making lemonade at my very own lemonade stand.

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10 Responses to My Lemonade Stand

  1. ASH says:

    Yay! First to comment…I think…
    I would have visited Kiersten’s lemonade stand = ] What’s better than a cup of lemonade on a cloudy day?

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting, Abigail! You are the first to comment…yay!

  3. Yeah!!!!!! Congratulations, Kim, and welcome to the blog world! I’ll definitely be a customer, dear one!
    What a wonderful analogy – you are such a gifted writer.
    So excited for you!

  4. Tami says:

    Love your article, Kim! Please give those precious angels of yours a hug for me. I’ll be one of your customers regulary to check your blog. It will help to keep me updated! Love ya! 🙂

  5. Rene Maule says:

    I will be delighted to visit your lemonade stand regularly! Love it!

  6. lgiltmier says:

    Welcome to blogging…I’m surprised it has taken you so long. I remember you speaking of wanting to write more some day – perfect outlet.

    Thinking about your message too…trying to become more of an “enjoy the journey” person instead of always focusing on results. I wonder how many times God will have to teach me that it’s about the process…

  7. Rachel says:

    What a great way to do something for yourself! I will stop by your lemonade stand as often as you post! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  8. miriam rockness says:

    I’m coming to your lemonade stand too! What a wonderful – and, for me, surprise – conclusion to your first blog… That is the best way to write – for your own soul. Then it just may happen to touch the soul of another. Like mine. (P.S. I just couldn’t help but remember when one Kimberly Rockness, brothers, and Guest family children set up a fruit stand on Central Avenue – in the heart of citrus country where virtually every back yard hosted a citrus tree. If I recall you did get a customer – the nurse who gave you your dreaded shots. She might not have been a “legitimate customer” – I think she was trying to make it up to you for your dread of her needle!) Bravo!

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